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What Is A Sin

What Is A Sin

The dictionary states that a sin is “a transgression, especially a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.” So we can surmise, that in most people’s eyes a sin is an act that goes against moral and religious principles. Something that is likely to be harmful to you or others.

Yet some Religions would have you believe that, even watching the TV, or reading your daily horoscope is a sin. In the 1950’s rock and roll music was labelled as the devils music. If you shook your hips, you was marching to the devils tune.

The problem is, people will take things to the extreme, to try to control the behaviour of others. Man is in need of guidelines, for without any governance, pandemonia would take control. Yet one should always watch that things are not took to the extreme. Guidelines need to be given to every youngster as education, so that he or she can learn to live a life without conflict.

When you label something a sin, you instantly create a barrier between yourself and the so called sinner. Even if the so called sinner, sees what they are doing as sinful, the barrier is still created. You create an us and them scenario, you split the so called sinner from his sin. You create a split personality of sorts. How can anyone improve themselves, while they see one side of them as bad. They are not always bad, they have made poor choices, like anyone could do.

Some things like murder and rape are morally wrong. It is no good arguing against this. Yet I ask you, what made a man do this, was it a moment of foolishness, or was it a lifetime of poor learning? If the murderer for instance, was educated from birth in the sacredness of life, do you really think he would have the will power to kill another? Would the rapist harm a hair on a woman’s head, if he was only taught great love for women and all living beings from childhood?

People do not turn bad overnight, they are a product of their experiences, they learn from everything that happens around them.

Stop focusing on the negative, it is not the sin you should focus on, you should focus on making the person whole. It is love and understanding that they lack most. Pointing out someone’s sins just inflames the hatred the person holds towards the world and themselves. It resolves nothing. It just keeps the so called sinner far from the healing that they need.

Some Churches actually love to fill there congregations with sinners, they love nothing better than to say we have turned all these sinners into God fearing people. They search high and low for the most sinful people, hoping to convert them.

It does not cross their mind to fill the church with love and acceptance. If they opened the doors to all, people would come flocking to sit in a church that bestowed love on them. A church that only had time for love, a church that would accept them for who they are, instead of brandishing them with the sins of the past and their fore fathers.

God is all loving, nothing is to be feared with God. Nothing makes God happier than to see a person become whole, no matter what they did in the past.

So please stop focusing on the negative, so what if someone did wrong, it is what they will do next and for the rest of their lives that matters. Open your heart to forgiveness and understanding will be bestowed upon you.

Words By Leon Brown

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