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Unconditional Love – Paul Ferrini

Unconditional Love – Paul Ferrini

There is no one else who is as hard on yourself as you are. Like all your brothers and sisters, you suffer from a basic sense of inadequacy and unworthiness. You feel that you have made terrible mistakes which will sooner or later be punished by humans in authority or by some abstract spiritual authority like God, or karmic law.

These unresolved issues of self-worth are the conditions of your embodiment. In other words, you are here to work them out. You selected your parents to exacerbate your guilt so that you could become conscious of it. Thus, blaming them for your problems will not help you remove the conditions you have mutually placed on love. The only way out is through your expanding awareness of your own guilt and fear-based beliefs and patterns of interaction.

Seeking someone special to provide the love your parents weren’t able to provide will not help either. It just raises the temperature in the pressure cooker. Don’t be surprised if the mate you choose is the perfect embodiment of the parent with whom you most need to heal. You cannot but come face to face with your own wounds. Parents, spouses and children are here to help you see your own need for healing, and you are performing the same function in their lives.

Looking for unconditional love in a world of conditions must inevitably fail. Since all your brothers and sisters are acting out of shame-based patterns, they cannot offer you the love you know that you deserve, nor can you offer it to them. The best that you can do is raise each other’s awareness of the love that is necessary and begin taking responsibility for giving it to yourself.

If you do not take responsibility for bringing love to your own wounds, you will not move out of the vicious cycle of attack/defense, guilt and blame. Your feelings of rage, hurt and betrayal, all of which seem justified, will just fuel the fire of interpersonal conflict and continue to reinforce your unconscious belief that you are unlovable and incapable of loving.

You must learn to see the extent of your own self-hatred. Until you look in the mirror and see your own beliefs reflected there, you will be using every brother or sister in your experience as a mirror to show you what you believe about yourself. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, it is not the shortest or the easiest way home, since there is always the tendency to think that what you see is somebody else’s lesson.

If you want to step outside the vicious psychology of the world, you must stop the game of projection. This game hides your unconscious death urge behind a facade of blame and conditional morality. It is ironic, indeed, but at the very instant at which you are proclaiming your innocence at your brother’s expense, you are also reinforcing your own feelings of guilt and inferiority.

There is no way out of the circle of blame but to stop blaming. Yet, be prepared. If you would step off the wheel of suffering, you may find that you aren’t very popular. Those who don’t join in the world’s game of projection are the very first to be attacked. If you learned nothing from my life, you must have learned this!

Anyone who would acknowledge his own fear without projecting it threatens the world’s game. Anyone who would own his murderous thoughts and seek to find their roots within consciousness threatens the moral fabric of society.

In human society there is a right and a wrong. Those who do right are rewarded and those who do wrong are punished. This is how it has always been.

My teaching threatens this basic assumption. At the most superficial level it challenges the idea that wrongs should be punished. In the face of the call for retribution, I have stood and will continue to stand for forgiveness.

At a deeper level my teaching challenges the very idea that someone should be condemned by his behavior. If someone acts wrongly, it is because he thinks thoughts that are false. If he can realize the untruth of his thinking, he can change his behavior. And it is in the interest of society to help him do this. But if punishment is brought, his false ideas will be reinforced, and guilt will be added to them.

You have heard the expression “two wrongs do not make a right.” That is the essence of my teaching. All wrongs must be corrected in the right manner. Otherwise correction is attack.

To oppose, seek to overpower or argue with a false idea is to strengthen it. That is the way of violence. My way, on the other hand, is nonviolent. It demonstrates the answer in its approach to the problem. It brings love, not attack, to the ones in pain. Its means are consistent with its ends.

To make wrong is to teach guilt, and perpetuate the belief that pain and suffering are necessary. To make right is to teach love and demonstrate its power to overcome all suffering. To put it simply, you are never right to make wrong, or wrong to make right. To be right, make right.

You cannot love in an unloving way. You can’t be right and attack what’s wrong. Error must be undone. And since the root of all error is fear, only the undoing of fear will bring correction.

Love is the only response that undoes fear. If you don’t believe this, try it. Love any person or situation that evokes fear in you and the fear will disappear. This is true, not so much because love is an antidote to fear, but because fear is “the absence of love.” It therefore cannot exist whenever love is present.

Most of you understand a great deal about fear, but very little about love. You are afraid of God, afraid of me, and afraid of one another.

Why are you afraid? Because you believe that you are neither lovable nor capable of loving another.

That belief is the only belief that needs to be changed. All negativity in your life will fall away as you undo this simple erroneous belief about yourself.

You, my friend, are not what you think you are. You are not simply an accumulation of all your negative beliefs and actions. That is who you think you are, but that is not who you are.

You are God’s son, even as I am. All that is good and true about God is good and true about you. Accept this fact, even for an instant, and your life would be transformed. Accept this about your brother, even in this single moment, and all conflict between you would end.

What you see is a direct result of what you believe. If you believe that you are guilty, then you will see a guilty world. And a guilty world will be punished and so will you.

“God will bring you down. God will destroy the world. God will have His revenge.” These, my friends, are the thoughts that you think. These — blasphemous though they be — are the absurd ideas you would attribute to me! Fortunately, I understand that this is just your not so subtle way of beating yourself up.

It is a delaying maneuver. In time, you will tire of it. It will not be long before you begin to reject the whole concept of guilt — individually and collectively — and aspire to come home

My friends, I await that moment of complete honesty and responsibility with joy and certainty. On that day, when you see your good and that of your brother as one and the same, all that separates you from God will fall away and you will stand beside me in all your splendor.

Then you will know God’s love for you beyond any doubt. Then you will know that She never abandoned you, even in the height of your insanity when you thought it was She who would punish you and destroy your world. Then you will know the power of your mind to create, and then will you choose to create with God, not apart from Her.

Words By Paul Ferrini

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  • steve

    I love the way of which you expresed about unconditional love as I think unconditional love is God.

    My experience about unconditional love is first.. one has to go thorugh the processes to understand what unconditional love is..

    By first learing forgiveness. First to oneslef and to others..

    Seconf .. understand the relationship between God and uncoditional love.

    Third.. LOve others as God loves us..

    May God Bless us and take us in His hand


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