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The Dawn Of Understanding – Leon Brown

The Dawn Of Understanding – Leon Brown

As the old dies a new way of being will shine forth, you have to let go of what was, so that new growth can come through. You cannot become the true you while you cling to the past. You must learn from every mistake, and every disappointment, do not take anything personally, for that will only bring dark clouds near. A new life is waiting for you, if you listen wisely to the call of your heart. The sun will rise once more if you learn to see beyond what you were once taught.

Not everyone has had the good fortune to have had good teachers and good parents as they grew up. Everyone has learned from those around them, and if the influences were poor so would be the ability to understand this life properly. It is no shame to have had poor teachers, in fact the poorest teachers can often be the best teachers, if you learn to be discerning, for within their contradictions, there is always a grain of truth to be found. If nothing else they teach how not to be.

Yet unless you know this, you would have gone through your life using the so called wisdom of others to solve your own problems. Let us look at an example, Mary has learned how to deal with situations from her Mother, now that she has a 20 year old daughter she will pass on her own understanding. Her daughter has boyfriend problems, and the advice is for her daughter to ignore her phone calls until the boyfriend does as he is supposed to. I am sure many others would give similar advice, yet how are this couple supposed to solve problems if they ignore each other. If they are meant to spend a long and happy life together, the end result will be two people hiding from each other at every obstacle. Instead of talking things through and finding a healthy way to deal with problems.

This is just an example, but imagine if you were taught poorly on every facet of your life, imagine the needless conflict you would go through or have been through due to poor teachers and poor influences on your life. I am sure many of you have had a friend, or a relative who likes to have their two pennies worth, giving you the advice they think you need. Yet you must remember it is your life and not theirs. You must find your own way, you must look at your life again with new eyes. Mistakes will happen, but you need them to be mistakes of your own making, not due to being led by poor influences.

People can often think they know what is best for you, in reality only you know what is best for you. Another cannot see the light for you, you must see the light yourself. The time is right to step out of the shadows, so that you can find your own destiny, one made by your own choices not one made by the misguided thoughts of others.

You must find the freedom to think and act for yourself, in this new found freedom, you will find the answers you seek, you will find the way forwards. There is a song that goes.

Deep inside the forest Is a door into another land Here is our life and home. We are staying, here forever In the beauty of this place all alone We keep on hoping.

And maybe There’s a world where we don’t have to run And maybe There’s a time we’ll call our own. Living free in harmony and majesty Take me home Take me home.

Walking through the land Where every living thing is beautiful Why does it have to end We are calling, oh so sadly On the whispers of the wind. As we send a dying message.

And Maybe There’s a world where we don’t have to run. Maybe there’s a time we’ll call our own. Living free in harmony and majesty. Take me home.

You have to break free of what was, so that you also can find the meaning of this song in your heart and mind. The dawn of understanding is near, be ready, for your future depends on what you do from this moment onwards. The past is gone, you have a lifetime ahead of you, which you can make beautiful if you think and act so.

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