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Let Go Of Anger – Leon Brown

Let Go Of Anger – Leon Brown

You must let go of anger, for it serves you no good. It is impossible to find happiness while you are led by uncontrollable urges, you will be led astray. Emotions can often cloud the mind and leave you feeling lost, you hit out in the only way you know, attempting to gain control, but this just starts a vicious cycle of hatred towards that which displeases you.

You cannot win while you are being controlled by your emotions, they are like the waves in the sea, sometimes calm, yet it only takes a gust of wind, or a change of circumstances, to make the sea rough and your life chaotic. You must learn to ride the ups and downs of life, just as you learned to ride your first bicycle. At first you fell off your bike a few times, until you learned to find balance, you must do just the same, you need to find balance, so that your emotions do not topple you over.

There is nothing to be angry about, this anger is only governed by the way you see life, so what if you missed the bus, so what if you fell out with your friend, so what if you missed out on the new job, or the new car. It does not matter what goes wrong, what matters is what you will do next, will you sit there and let everything frustrate you, or will you get off your backside and make positive changes, so the things you seek do come your way. Getting angry will not change the situation, it will just push you further away from the happiness you are searching for.

How many friends and relationships do you want to lose, before you realise, that anger is the enemy, not anyone else, but the hatred that consumes you. You cannot beat this enemy, as the harder you try, the more you become to dislike yourself. The only way you can succeed, is by loving yourself, the more you love yourself, and let go of all that troubles you, the more you will find that you are led by reason and goodness. Nothing else should guide you but the desire to make everyone, including yourself happy, without the need for conditions, or expectations. Let it all go and from this moment, live only with freedom in mind.

Anger may have led you astray in the old world, but the new world you are heading towards now, only has time for love. That is what you must focus on, the more you are motivated by love the more you will find happiness in everything you do.

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  • Mitzi MacBain

    I lived with chronic anger and rage until I was 49. Then I found out I was chemically imbalanced making it almost impossible to find peace of mind and to live a calm and balanced life.

    Then I found Neurofeedback treatment that restored normal functioning to my brain and alleviated chronic anger and I have not had an ounce of rage in 2 1/2 years.

  • TheGodLight


    That is wonderful news Mitzi, we must always try to seek a solution to the problems that surround us. By understanding our mind and body, we gain a greater understanding of ourself. Half the battle is understanding the problem, it seems that you have made great progress.

  • arbemo

    I am glad to be rid of my anger, my anger made me ill, I had high blood pressure and I feel that was the root cause of my anger rather than the other way round. But what ever the reason, it is gone, nothing is worth getting angry over. Let the trouble pass you, five minutes later you will wonder why you thought about getting angry. Smile and admit that you where tested but you do not fall for it. Do a random act of kindness it feels much better!


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