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Why Do Your Believe In God?

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TheGodLightTheGodLight Staff asked 1 year ago

Do you believe in God? If you do why do you believe in God?

sparklekazsparklekaz Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi, I do believe in God. Why do I believe in God. Interesting question. Though many speak of God and Religion as being one and the same. For me personally, belief in God or a higher power does not depend on being religious. I was introduced to God through religion, but came to believe in God because of my own feelings, rather than being told to. For me God is a presence, a warmth, a feeling of love and being protected. Not alone. I believe there is ‘something’ more than me and I am connected to it. That is why I believe in God.

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mojomojo answered 1 year ago

Growing up in the Catholic tradition, we were taught about God, but it was more a form of control than anything loving, the fear of God was put into us as kids, and if that didn’t work, there was always hell to fall back on. My experience of Gods so called front men (priests), were that of violent, sick people.
I prefer to use the term spirit, rather than God, as it removes the baggage of the past.    My belief in spirit stems from experiences out of this reality that happened from a very young age, right up to the present day. Every time I think back, I feel honoured, for my experiences, and at times question, did that really happen, or have I just lost my mind. Still to this day I feel frustrated at the antics of mankind, whose everyday thoughts and actions arise from fear and ignorance, and question the placement of those in the know among masses of unbelievers.

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