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markings asked 11 months ago

What happened to the forum?

2 Answers
sparklekazsparklekaz Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Markings,


The host company has taken it down again. It looks like we might have lost it. We are looking at our options. And most likely host it ourselves on thegodlight. But it will take a bit of time to set up. Until then, you can post questions and topics for discussion on here if you want to talk.


I am really sad about it Markings. We have had the forum for over 12 years. The host company is being pedantic and harsh. They wanted to plaster it with their own advertisements. Anything we put on re navigation and advertising of our own services they wanted removing. We did that, and they still were not happy. We have asked them to reconsider. But it does not look good. So being realistic, we are expecting the worst.


Good to see you again


Love and light Kaz

TheGodLightTheGodLight Staff answered 11 months ago

We are trying to sort the problem, but it does not look good. One way or another we will find a solution, either with this setup or another one. We are checking our options out.


Please be patient everyone, we will have something better in place soon. If anyone has any suggestions, we will gladly listen.

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