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Spiritual Block

Jahred asked 5 months ago

Hi guys,
I need a little advice and this seemed like a good place to ask.  I am currently experiencing poor health which I believe is linked to me spiritually.
When I was young, I lived in my Grandfathers house.  It was an old place and I am sure there was a spirit that used to patrol the stairs, which frightened the six year old me.  At that time, I decided I wouldn’t let it hurt me and I built some kind of spiritual wall (I don’t know what else to call it) and I stopped being afraid, almost overnight.
When I was sixteen, I met my wife-to-be at college.  There was an instant connection between us, like we already knew each other.  We were firm friends and didn’t actually start dating for another seven years, but after only one year of dating, we got married and have remained so for eighteen years.
My wife was born with glaucoma and is registered blind.  Besides this (or perhaps because of this), she is also exceptionally spiritual.  She has knowledge of things that I can’t explain or understand.  For instance, she is able to know when a women is pregnant, often before even they know, and she is able to determine the gender of their child.  She has never been wrong.  When the knowledge comes to her, she tells me to “mark her words”, which I do, and it comes to pass.  She is also a great barometer for danger.  My life has certainly been saved on more than one occasion because of her “gut feeling”.  Her father is Romany, which might explain this a little.
Anyway, one of the downsides to her openness is that she is, or has, often been plagued by spiritual happenings.  Oftimes, while sleeping, she will be awakened quite abruptly by screaming or by people standing over her.  It scares her a lot!  However, it only happens when I’m not there.  We have experimented with this and, it seems, the spiritual wall I developed as a child extends some distance.  so long as I am within a given range, she doesn’t experience the occurrences.  The same also applies to my daughter who, at times when being away from the house, has experienced, physical harm from spiritual happenings.  She was even almost pushed down a flight of stairs by an unknown (and unseen) force.
Anyway, this may sound like we have a good arrangement, as I sometimes think I was meant to be with my wife to protect her.  She has valuable gifts for this world and I am her protector.  However, four years ago, I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and in 2016, I spent the whole year in a wheelchair.  I have aged a large amount in a very short space of time.  People mistake me for my wife’s father, even though we are the same age, and I feel as though I am being drained constantly.  My inner self knows it is to do with my spiritual wall, but I’m not sure what to do about it.
Both my wife and I are spiritual people.  We don’t follow any specific religion but do feel a kinship somewhere between Judaism and Catholicism.  We attend church.  I have prayed for an answer and I am trying to find a solution, but at 42 years of age, I feel much older and I know inside that, while this was supposed to happen, I’m not going to be around much longer unless I find a way out.
Am I missing something?

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