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Does paranormal activity prove or disprove the concept of God

Spiritual ForumCategory: Spiritual QuestionsDoes paranormal activity prove or disprove the concept of God
Lestaguy asked 12 months ago

After recently having a paranormal experience, this proved to myself that there is some form of life after death, but does this suggest a heaven or hell, or concepts of Buddhism and reincarnation, or does this imply that there is something completely different to what we would normally understand
 Different opinions and complete disagreements are much welcomed 

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TheGodLightTheGodLight Staff answered 12 months ago

I would say that it neither proves or disproves the concept of God. These are 2 separate things. It is like saying the growth of a field of wheat is down to the presence of a farmer. When in reality wheat can grow on mass without the help of anyone.

See the paranormal activity for what it is, something that is not understood by the laws of science. It could be connected to a multitude of things.

sparklekazsparklekaz Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Lestaguy, would it be too personal to ask you how this experience manifested itself. I agree with Leon that encounters with spirit can be down to a number of things. If I knew in what context your experience came about, it would give me more of a idea of what was going on at the time. And add to my thoughts about it.

Love and light

Lestaguy answered 12 months ago

I agree with both of what you’ve said, obviously the reason I came here was to seek explanations from people who know more than I, as being in position of I know what I’ve seen, but wondered how it works, but I can see what you both mean. My experience was as followed: to begin I had experienced a form of my phone literally flying across the room in front of my eyes, plain as day and I was completely sober, then minor curtains closing on themselves, and I felt the energy in the room it was not evil it was kind of annoyed like see me I’m right here type feeling. I had no further experience with that but I then did a spirit board, with a prayer and sage and white candles as a precaution, which resulted in deep conversations with an older couple at a hotel I was at. This is left me thinking, okay there is life, this means my science or common understanding of science as we know it is wrong and ever since I’ve been thinking, meditating and research but there is nothing I can find in solid form to answer my question perfectly,


I just compiled what I could and so I’ve come here for the opinion of people more educated than myself if that makes sense. I guess the main cause for my concern is that it leads me to wonder about the the very real and very possible idea of there being a heaven and hell which both scares and possibly relieves me, yet it still really thrashes my prior belief system.  Sorry for the long post and I thank you for your responses.

sparklekazsparklekaz Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Lestaguy, It sounds fascinating. Over the years my experience of spirit has manifested itself in different ways. I have experienced objects flying across the room. I’ve heard spirit voices, and once I woke up to see in the blank tv screen in my bedroom reflecting a scene, which I can only describe as people in the past. It was like watching an old black and white silent movie. There clothes appeared to be early 19th century, and I could see those old fashioned lamp posts with the old oil lamps. The tv was off 🙂
I have woken and seen an elderly lady putting linen away in a cupboard that was not there. One could say as I had a couple of experiences when waking up, I might be having a hyppogogic hallucination, which is associated with sleep. But I remember it now years later so clearly, and I was fully aware and watching the scene unfold before me. I happen to believe and it has been said by others that that period in waking is when we are at our most open psychically, even if we are not naturally psychic.
I have had very vivid dreams when loved ones in spirit have spoken to me. Some might say, its a dream and you are processing grief. But again, I believe that when we sleep and the unconscious mind is dominant, it is easier for spirit to communicate with us this way. Not long after my Grandfather passed away, many years ago, I was very upset one night and was crying myself to sleep. I suddenly felt a hand brush my cheek, and the quilt pulled up and tucked under my chin. My Grandfather used to do this for me when I was a little girl. I knew immediately it was him. As you can imagine it comforted me greatly and I was not afraid. It was very reassuring to me to know he was still ‘alive’ albeit in another form.
These are just some examples I have had over the years. Personally, I believe in God, its my own personal feeling and belief and nothing to do with the belief in spirit, though I suppose having one might make me more open minded. But I do not believe someone has to have a spiritual belief to see spirit. I do believe in life after death, that we continue in a different form. . I believe that there are different levels of existence within the spirit world, different dimensions if you will. As we become energy/spirit and thought form, we create our environment, and will experience what we believe heaven to be. So if I were a Christian, I might experience the kind of heaven I was brought up to believe in. If I were Hindu, I would experience what I would expect to experience. Though I was raised a Catholic, I now consider myself to be a spiritual person, who is open to the wisdom, love and beauty of all spiritual paths. And believe I will experience all of the above. I believe we continue to learn, be educated and evolve in spirit. So I would like to think I would be given the opportunity to do those things when I pass over.
But most of all. I want to see my family again. My mum and other family members who have passed over. I miss them so much. But I truly believe I will see them again. Some would say, heaven and hell is actually what we experience here on earth. That our earthly lives are created by our behaviour and the choices we make as human beings. If we make bad choices, make mistakes or hurt others, we reap what we sow, and life can be very hard.
But, I also believe that life provides us with very valuable lessons, and that even if we mess up badly, there is redemption and forgiveness in understanding where we have gone wrong, and trying to do better. Ask yourself what would your idea of heaven be, or what would you hope it to be. And I’m guessing it will be all that you hope for and more. Just my thoughts on it. 🙂

aceofcupsaceofcups answered 12 months ago

HI Lestaguy,

fascinating post and responses.  Here is my two cents from being an explorer of these questions and others for last 45-50 years. From my understanding and experiences we are multidimensional evolving beings.  And psychic experiences and spiritual ones are both more common then some people realize.   But their is  a different in degree at what level of consciousness  the two types as a general rule spring forth from within us.  And their relative “realness” is part of that equation also.

Psychic astral experiences can open a window to the possibility that there is so much more then just our limited relative personalities and our ego. Or they can be a trap some get caught in that  particular level when there is so much more on the inner levels of our being.


Some people by their energetic blueprint they brought into this lifetime have a stronger affinity to psychic experiences then others.  Others have a stronger affinity to Spiritual experiences, some to scientific viewpoints, some to psychological viewpoints  etc. etc.  Finding and then aligning to our innate affinities is part of making one more Spiritually connected and “whole”.

good luck in your explorations! 🙂


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