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Do We Have Free Will?

Spiritual ForumCategory: Spiritual QuestionsDo We Have Free Will?
sparklekazsparklekaz Staff asked 12 months ago

Many believe that life is pre-destined. That no matter what we do, we cannot change our fate or destiny. While others think that there are many paths we can take in life, depending on the choices we make, and this is connected to Free Will. What do you think?

2 Answers
aceofcupsaceofcups answered 12 months ago

I think it is not an either/or answer. I do think we have a general overall pattern we have chosen ( it is not our personality self which has chosen but our Higher Self and with our guides with our karmic seeds). These overall patterns can be seen in our astrology chart etc. and includes our Karmic blueprint.

But by what and how we live our lives we are altering the flowing of our life and also creating new streams of energy. The more evolved we become the greater our personality free will aligns with higher will… and we live a life doing what we “should” be doing for the greater good for others and our self.

TheGodLightTheGodLight Staff answered 12 months ago

It is a tricky question. We would all like to think we have free will, but the truth is probably a mix of free will and events that transpire to push us towards a direction. Whether we like it or not.

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