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Are Religions good or bad?

Spiritual ForumCategory: Spiritual QuestionsAre Religions good or bad?
TheGodLightTheGodLight Staff asked 1 year ago

Are Religions good or bad?

2 Answers
aceofcupsaceofcups answered 1 year ago

The answer to the question to me is based on one’s own belief system they adhere to.  I think religions are very useful for some people but can also very limiting and controlling if followed blindly.  Personally I find the Esoteric understanding and mysteries of Religions very insightful and spiritually and psychologically growth oriented.  The dogmatic following of exoteric religions and their controlling beliefs and superstitions and rituals can be a hindrance instead of leading one to be more inwardly connected with deeper understanding.

But sometimes one’s connection to religions is family connected.  And also connected to their energy pattern one is living though in a particular life.

sparklekazsparklekaz Staff answered 1 year ago

I do not believe religions persay are good or bad, simply that the way they are interpreted can be positive or negative. We can see examples of this in the way religion or certain texts have been taken from religious writings and used to incite prejudice, aggression and discrimination. I agree with ace when he says doctrine can be limiting and controlling if followed blindly.

And of course there is the obvious fact that religion is man made. This is particularly true with the Christian faith. Christianity today seems a long way from how I believe Jesus would have envisioned it. He did not discriminate. Practiced unconditional love. Was inclusive to all. We know the bible has been written and re written, adjusted to suit the religious climate of the day. I believe the bible we have today was overseen by the emperor constantine.


Lots of gospels and literature was left out.  I believe in the message of Love that Jesus preached and I do believe in God. But do not feel comfortable following a traditional religion as such. I know that there have been many changes made in Catholicism since I was a girl. And is much more open then it was. But for me personally, I believe I can have a relationship with God without being religious. Just my take on it. 🙂


love and light


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