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Conquer Fear – Have Faith In The Good – Omraam

Conquer Fear – Have Faith In The Good – Omraam

“If a person has no faith in good, he risks losing whatever qualities or faculties he possesses. Why? Because the foundations which give stability to these qualities are missing and, as a result, all kinds of consequences automatically take place in his thought processes and his way of seeing things. He endlessly views people and situations with suspicion, and he is afraid. Fear, of course, is a very bad counsellor. How many people in the grip of fear are guilty of cowardice, injustice and spitefulness! Despite all their good qualities, they allow themselves to be invaded by this irrational and uncontrollable instinct. And when the fear has passed, they are often ashamed of what they have done, but by then it is too late. In order to conquer fear, we must believe steadfastly in the power of good, which is to say, in the pre-eminence of the spirit in humankind.”

“Human existence can be compared to a journey through a forest or the ascent of a great mountain. What efforts we must make, what dangers we must confront before we arrive at the goal! And if we undertake this journey or this ascent in darkness, great is the risk of losing our way, of being ambushed, or of falling to the bottom of a precipice. In darkness, not only are we truly exposed to danger, but the greatest danger is the fear that we create ourselves, not knowing what to make of the noises and the shadowy forms we see stirring around us. To be afraid is to give power to that which we fear, to prepare the conditions it needs in order to do us harm. Symbolically, this is the life of human beings when they do not possess true knowledge, the knowledge which must accompany them like a light and give them security and peace. Once they have this light, even if they have ordeals to pass through, they will see things as they are and will walk in peace.”

Words By Omraam Aivanhov

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