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Chat Room Rules

Actions that will warrant a straight ban.

1. Showing of nudity on a web cam.
2. Acts of a sexual nature.
3. Obscene screen name.
4. Swearing directly at another member of the site.
5. Email, social network or personal website swaps.

Actions which will warrant a Warning, that could result in a member being banned.

1. General use of inappropriate language and swear words.

2. Being aggressive and argumentative

3. members or guests hiding their identity or changing screen names to confuse other members.

4. No one can swap email addresses or social network details, anyone else trying to do this will be warned and banned if they continue.

5. Members should be courteous and polite to other members at all time.

6. If someone comes in with extremely strong views and making statements without participating in a group discussion.

7. Only regular members can use a microphone, and only music can be played. No talking.

8. Any other member using audio without permission from an Admin.

9. If an Admin is ignored repetitively.

10. No one can give psychic type readings or healing in the room at any time, the only time which it is allowed is at a group event.

11. People who continually leave the group quickly without speaking. (We ask guests and members to say hello and at least stay for 5 minutes.)

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