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God Is Love – Peter Deunov

Love is the world in which the Divine Spirit lives.The greatest world known to sages of all times, the world of which Christ speaks, is the world of Love. And when we say that God is Love, we understand that Love is the essence from which all things proceed. All worlds, through all eternity, have come forth and shall come forth from the source of Love. Everything in the world lives in Love and by Love. Ever ...

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Conquer Fear – Have Faith In The Good – Omraam

"If a person has no faith in good, he risks losing whatever qualities or faculties he possesses. Why? Because the foundations which give stability to these qualities are missing and, as a result, all kinds of consequences automatically take place in his thought processes and his way of seeing things. He endlessly views people and situations with suspicion, and he is afraid. Fear, of course, is a very bad co ...

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What Is A Sin

The dictionary states that a sin is "a transgression, especially a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle." So we can surmise, that in most people's eyes a sin is an act that goes against moral and religious principles. Something that is likely to be harmful to you or others. Yet some Religions would have you believe that, even watching the TV, or reading your daily horoscope i ...

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