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Unconditional Love – Paul Ferrini

There is no one else who is as hard on yourself as you are. Like all your brothers and sisters, you suffer from a basic sense of inadequacy and unworthiness. You feel that you have made terrible mistakes which will sooner or later be punished by humans in authority or by some abstract spiritual authority like God, or karmic law. These unresolved issues of self-worth are the conditions of your embodiment. In ...

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Explore This Wonderful World – Leon Brown

As day and night pass through a continual cycle, your own thoughts pass, whether they are good or bad. No one can deny that life may be difficult, but look outwards for comfort, in each and every precious moment. Night has to fall so that you can reflect on what has happened that day, and as a new sun rises; you are shown the world again. Look at this world dear friend, every day as anew, your belongings an ...

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Trust Life – Osho

Life can be lived in two ways. One is that of the soldier, and the other, that of the sannyasin. Either you can fight with life or you can relax with life. Either you can try to conquer life or you can live in a deep let-go. The path of the soldier is the wrong path, because it is impossible to conquer life — the part cannot conquer the whole. Frustration and failure is absolutely certain. You can play arou ...

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Light Rules Above Darkness – Leon Brown

Focus your mind in the quietness, though stillness is hard to achieve, whilst troubles surround you. Nothing is easy, though patience through perseverance is attainable. Focus oneself, upon a star in the night's sky, forever enlightening, forever touching the Earth in which you reside. The star gives of its own energy to lighten the night's sky. Penetrating the darkness with a radiance that has allowed trav ...

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Speak The Truth – Leon Brown

Try to speak the truth my friend's, as what is a world shrouded in mystery. Never forget that truth comes before loyalty. no good comes from being loyal to a cause or your misplaced convictions if at first there is no truthfulness in your conscious actions, you will pay a price for your misplaced loyalty. One way to see that you are speaking and acting in a truthful manner is to try to comprehend the outcom ...

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Growth Of Man – Swami Vivekananda

Now, I shall tell you a theory, which I will not argue now, but simply place before you the conclusion. Each man in his childhood runs through the stages through which his race has come up; only the race took thousands of years to do it, while the child takes a few years. The child is first the old savage man—and he crushes a butterfly under his feet. The child is at first like the primitive ancestors of hi ...

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